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Beyond the logo, colours are the most recognisable part of our Brand Identity.

Controlled use of colour is a key factor in making sure that all the materials are treated consistently and reflect a coherent visual identity.

The selected tints reflect various emotional associations, for example, red is associated with energy and excitement, blue with trust and reliability, yellow with innovation and positivity, and green with health, growth and nature.

These were chosen to represent the range of our activities and the organisation of ESA in ‘pillars’: Science & Exploration, Safety & Security, Applications and Enabling & Support.

Primary Corporate Colours

C100 M30 Y20 K75
R0 G50 B71

C8 M5 Y8 K0
R232 G232 B228

Primary Highlight Colours

C0 M100 Y90 K0
R237 G27 B47

C85 M20 Y0 K0
R0 G155 B219

C0 M37 Y100 K0
R251 G171 B24

C90 M0 Y50 K0
R0 G174 B157